Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Last of the Association Branding

How about a little different post?  Still lots of pictures but instead of a wind up with soe sort of an interesting story, lets do a commentary.  A running commentary to let you know what I was seeing when I took each picture. 


Brothers...  The little brother was pestering the older brother, the older brother took down the younger brother and commenced the Chinese tap torched.  Nothing but true love there!

The Ranch Boss just had his 87th birthday and refuses to stop.  He may slow a little, but he is determined to never quit.
I just thought this blaze was funny... Like, bummer birth mark or something...

You find cowboy style and personality everywhere.  Some go simple and some like being everywhere, even by their horses slobbery mouth.

When I got up close I realized that he had his name on his spurs- AWESOME! And he has some cool red top boots peeking out.  That's like cowboy lingerie, right there!

There isn't a better place for kids to be than out in the middle of nowhere branding.

The Rancher's Sidekick always has to be in the middle of it all.  At the point in the day he had proclaimed it his job to stand on the leg so it wouldn't move.  Don't know that we needed it but I'm glad that he found a job he could rock.
The saddle- a cowboy spends many long hours in this seat...  It better be just to his liking!

Just a boy giving shots, but once again...  its a great place for a growing boy to be.

Sure glad he has a cap on that...  Sometimes people get unintentional vaccinations

Thank goodness for back pockets because when your hands get full there is always a place to hang your tagger and your clips.

We always load up toy for the kids.  In fact I think there ends up being a whole sand pile worth of toys out there!

And then sometimes they end up hauling more than just dirt.  The Rancher's Sidekick started gathering up discarded nuts and taking them to the dogs.  I'm glad that was all he was doing with them...

The Rancher's uncle...  I've known his for quite a while and he has ALWAYS had the mustache.  The length of his handle bars has varied over the years but it is truly his signature!

I know he wasn't really posing, but I tease that everyone is so used to striking a pose for me that it is just second nature to stand picture ready!

How many boys does it take get a calf down?  Lots... and still the calf will give 'em a run for their money!

It got dusty... no surprise.  And it looked cool.

Gathering the herd in for the after lunch branding.  Taking a pit stop at the watering hole...

Rancher Sr. doing what he does best.  He has become such a great friend.  I love having him for a father-in-law.

When you ride next to me you are going to have your picture taken.  And I love them even if you aren't looking at the camera!

Cowboys make beautiful photographs... I love my job!

Cows scattered across the range- this is why we bring so many cowboys.  And this was only one small corner of our beautiful world.  Wide open spaces fill my world!

Boys in the dirt... need I say more?

Love the dramatics of the sky.  Having a non dusty windy day was incredible!

A look at the scene from herd side...

One of my favorite cowboys. 

A different perspective...  But appropriately, looking up to a cowboy
Cute.  I love cute calves!

Drug by the heels.  If only he knew what was going to happen to him.

Sisters make the best friends.

Her parents had be ready for this beauty to grow up.  Check out those eyes!

A little saddle bling with your brand on it can never be a bad thing.

Just taking a minute to visit with a friend.  Kids and horses were meant to be together. 

Any guesses what this coffee can is for? Oh, just to gather nuts in...  Calf nuts...