Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Cattle Drive From May

Remember that terrible cattle drive?  That one where there were more cows out in the fields than on the road... I wish I didn't... That adventurous day was day one of two of our cattle drive.  I know what you are thinking (ok maybe you're not thinking this...) that if day was so bad, day two must have been horendous and that is why I have to do a little "throw back Thursday" to catch you up on it.  

Nope, on all accounts.  Day two went as smooth as... it was GREAT!  Granted, we did have a good road to follow, fences on all sides, lots of cowboys, and a shorter drive.  But hey, it was good!  We will take it any way that we can!  

And lets say we learned a little from day one. The Rancher just started the day with a motor bike.  We called up The Buckaroo who brought along his sweetheart and a bull whip.  Both highly useful, just one more so than the other (just to be clear, his girl really is quite the cowgirl!)  And I opted to not try a photo shoot on the run.  I went with the 4 wheeler, kids and camera- its a lot less pressure!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oneida County Steer Show

Tonight we are hitting up the Easter Idaho State Fair, a big highlight of our fall.  I'm not sure why we love fairs so much- maybe its the food, or the free entertainment, or that we can wear our cowboy duds and totally fit in.  Whatever it is, we can't get enough and hit up as many of the local fairs as we possibly can!  In fact, it will be our 4th fair in just about as many weeks! 

I big believer in fairs... obviously as now I am on our country fair board.  I really feel like it has a lot to give it the community and especially its youth.  The time, effort, sacrifice, and responsibility it takes for kids to commit and then follow through on all of their projects is huge.  Parents and leaders put in a lot of time to help teach skills to the up and coming generation of ranchers, gardeners, sewers, bakers, photographers, canners, and hopefully leaders.  Yep, I'm sounding a little stuffy and frumpy... but when you take away the rides and rodeos, what you have left is kids learning and showing what they can do.  I love it!

Every year I look forward to the steer show.  I was big into showing (can you imagine me NOT going big in anything I do?!).  I loved taking the time to wash, clip and fit  my steer.  The show ring meant game time and I wanted to win.  And sometimes I did.  Now that I don't get to (their really frown upon a grown woman commandeering the steer show!), I like to jump in and help give a few of my tips and tricks to the next group of showman.  Who knows if they even want to hear what I have to say, but at least I feel like I get to keep my foot in the ring one way! 

But really, these kids don't need me.  They (hopefully!) have been working and preparing all summer for this day, and as you can see, one way or another, they nailed it!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Moving Cows in a Wonderfully Rainy Day

You know that we are desperately in need rain.  Every time we have a cattle drive means that we come home covered in dust.  Somewhere there always seems to be a trough that runs dry.  The feed is so dry and not so palatable (not that I would want to eat yucky dry crusted wheat!) that those blasted cows are out all the time.  That all equals some pretty intense praying and praying for rain.

We have had a great answer to those prayers.  In the last two weeks we have had 3 inches of rain.  THREE!  Its been amazing!  There was so much rain that we were having flash floods... all over our freshly cut hay.  With the fields so wet we couldn't even haul out the bales... with out getting stuck.  We found that out the hard way.  There was so much debris and water coming down that we had some intense back hoe work to be done to get the water following in fine fashion again.  The ground was so saturated that any bit of rain turned into a flood.

But we were so thankful for the rain that none of that mattered.  It didn't even matter that we had hundreds of cows to move seven long miles... we are just so happy for the rain!  It was muddy and cold... but so wet!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Love me a Little Rodeo

Naturally, I love rodeos. Everything about them.  I love the crazy rough stock (occaisionally I cheer for them instead of the cowboy) and I love to see a good ride.  I love fast roping, especially now that I have a new appreciation for the art since I started.  I even love the crazy rodeo clowns and their terrible, intermittent jokes.  And as terrible as it is, I love watching the bull fighters run for their lives! 

There is just something about the energy in the air at a rodeo that makes me smile.

I guess there is one thing that I don't love... That's the terrible lighting at a night rodeo.  I just never manage to get good pictures by the end of the show.  Especially when I don't have all of the equipment I would love to have or I don't have close up access (but I'm really ok not being in the arena with those crazy critters!). 

Never the less, I do have some fun, great photos from the IMPRA Rodeo when it came to town!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bringing the Party Home- Team Branding in Malad

Team branding.  By this time of the summer we are counting down how many are left.  If the heifers could count, I'm pretty sure that they, too, would be on the count down.  The team branding for our fair has to be one of the favorites for me.

Part of it is because we don't have to travel a long ways.  Phew... For once the stock contractor doesn't out drive the cowboys.  But the best part that since it is local we see so many of our great friends and neighbors!  Normally at the end I am just praying for these things to get over because we are all tired, cranky, bored, and someone has most likely gotten hurt.  But not in Malad. I'm so stinking busy doing fair board stuff, helping with the heifers, taking pictures, visiting with friends and watching my own kids.  Scratch that last one... with so many friends around, everyone else is playing with my babies that it seems like I hardly see them!

Prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures.  Not all are that fantastic... I blame the light and the timing.  If only I could be in charge of the timing of this shin-dig... But alas, I'm not.  So deal with it.  I would rather share these photos that might not be my best than not show them at all! :)

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