Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Refreshing Rain

Our little valley, like most of the area, is really suffering for rain.  We are just bone dry due to such little snow for winter 2011/2012 and only a few inches of rain last summer.  This last winter we were blessed with the snow we needed but if we don't continue to get water we will be in trouble again.  The Rancher watches the weather man every night to see if the rain will come.  Every night he prays so earnestly that we will have some moisture. 
A look at the clouds coming in from my front porch

And I think that he has bombarded heaven enough that little by little we are getting some moisture.  In fact you can see that the fields are turning green and the rain clouds are rolling in.  Its amazing, I never thought I would love rain as much as I do being a rancher's wife.  I do admit that I do have some selfish reasons for wanting rain- maybe if it rains enough, The Rancher will slow down for a day that I can see him! 

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