Monday, May 6, 2013

Checking Water

Something you really should grasp about Locomotive is that it is a wide open desert range.  In fact, lets consult the thesaurus to really get a feel for it...  DESERT: desolate - deserted - empty - wild - barren - dull.  Yes I think that sums it all up!  Actually I am afraid to admit it into the blogosphere (because once anything is on the internet it is there forever!) but it does have a unique beauty that has really, REALLY, really grown on me.  That doesn't mean I love it, but the emptiness is somewhat peaceful. 

Ok, I got way off track... It is desert which means that there is NO water unless you make it happen, by either hauling water or digging a well.  With the number of cows and the thousands of acres they went with the latter.  This also means that it needs to be checked often to be sure that there are no malfunction because no water= bad news.  If The Rancher doesn't have plans to stay to Locomotive all day we will ride out there with him. The actual checking of the water isn't that interesting, but it is always fun to go for a ride and look for a good picture. 

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