Friday, May 3, 2013

Heifer Haul-out

While the cows calve out in Locomotive (north of the Salt Lake), the heifers stay at the ranch to calve.  Because they are first time mommas we like to be close for if when they need help.  Once their calves are old enough we load up a semi-full and head for Locomotive.  Here's some fun trivia for you... the reason it is called Locomotive is because this is where the Transcontinental Railroad ran.  The tracks are gone but the path is still around.  The Rancher tells me that there are still some telephone poles (or something that ran with it) but I can't point them out...  Someday I will get some pictures out there!  (Road trip, anyone?)Anyway, here are some pictures from hauling the heifers out.

Wide open spaces in Locomotive

Check out The Rancher!  Sporting the HOT scruffy look
The Rancher's boy- an ever faithful sidekick, ALWAYS willing to help

Where we unload there isn't a loading chute or corrals which means we get to bring along our own

Some one set down the hot shot... Better watch out!

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