Friday, May 31, 2013

On Vacation

A rancher is always busy... ALWAYS.  Its one of those unspoken rules that a rancher wife just gets to deal with.  There are two ways to approach it.  Either you go solo and leave the rancher behind to his chores or you chose to help out with the chores and never leave the ranch (which is what this rancher's wife usually prefers to do).  That is for about 95% of the time.  But occasionally the rancher will admit that he needs some time off of the ranch so then we quick load up the posse and head out!.

So that's what we did!  We headed to Las Vegas!

I know its the wrong time of year for a cowboy family to head that direction but there are more things than the NFR to draw us to LV.  This time my dear friend was giving her mission farewell.  She has chosen to serve as a missionary for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We decided that we would go support her, spend some time before she leaves for 18 months and make a whole family vacation out of it!

And that, my dear readers, is why the ranch front has been quiet- we were gone!  But I promise to make it up to you because as I said earlier, a rancher is ALWAYS busy! 

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