Friday, May 17, 2013

Some Time Inside for The Rancher's Wife

Being a rancher's wife calls for more things than being out on the ranch.  Sometimes it requires days spent in the house.  There are the typical cleaning, laundry and cooking that The Rancher always needs done but this is how I spent my morning...

Can you guess what I did?  Here's a better look...

Yes, those are The Rancher's pants on the sewing machine (and The Rancher's Girl keeping me company in the back :) ).   I had been putting it off for a LONG time (some of them have needed to be mended for over a year!) and I got away with it because there was always another pair of jeans that didn't have any holes... until there wasn't .  I finally gave into The Rancher's request after doing a load of laundry and I realized that EVERY pair had holes... So I sat down with the sewing machine and a movie (because I knew it was going to take a while) and got to work.  In the end I mended 7 pairs of jeans and threw out 3 because they had too many darn holes.  And now maybe I can go another year before I have to mend his jeans again!  What do ya think?

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