Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Last year it seemed that Ms. Winter hung on forever.  And when it finally let got Ms. Summer jumped right in and we didn’t have too many days to spend with Ms. Spring.  This year we have!  We have had those perfect cool and crisp mornings that warm up just enough to not worry about getting too hot (or sunburned!)  We didn’t have too many April showers but enough that we are green.  The Rancher spent some busy days doing his spring farm work planting grain and alfalfa (correction, I was just reminded that we haven’t put in the alfalfa yet… but will soon).  The sprinklers are rolled out and turned on.  We have the new spring chicks and the plum tree is beginning to get its leaves.  Yes boys and girls, this year spring is in full swing. 

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