Monday, June 3, 2013

Date Night

When you live in the middle of no where you get to be creative when it comes to date night.  We have had date nights where we go riding (horses) or for a drive (in the truck or playing Mariokart) or just some playing card games at the kitchen table.  We have even had our own "comedy" night by youtube-ing our favorites and reading laffy taffy jokes.  Like I said, we get creative.

But during the school year the sports can provide some fun entertainment.  This time of year that is High School Rodeo.  It may not be your top-stock-top-cowboy sort of rodeo but it still is a fun time to be together and to support the local cowboys/girls (like The Rancher's brothers!)

For the record, this cowboy is not one of The Rancher's brothers, its just one of the better pictures of the night. : )

But this sure is!  (a picture of a brother, but not a good picture...)

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