Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Crop

We are full swing into our first crop of haying this summer.  And the way that summers go it means that everything else is coinciding with it.

Rancher Sr was able to take a few days for a camping trip with his family (which meant that Cowboys Pete and E were gone).  And The Rancher had church responsibilities to tend to a few nights.  But the ever faithful Rancher's Wife was here!  Actually I did get a chance to help out.  The Little Cowgirl and I got to rake(!) while The Rancher moved water and The Boss was in the swather. 

(The Rancher has heard it SO many times, but don't you think that it is AWESOME that he married a wife that not only knows how to drive a tractor and rake but also LOVES to do it!)

I have yet to get out to get pictures of the swather...  Sorry... I know you are really disappointed.  And I don't have any picture of raking because I was the one doing the raking!  And... The Rancher bales REALLY early in the morning (like 5 am!) or in the dark when I can't get a picture so none with the baler...

But I do have some pictures of hauling them out!
The Rancher is loading up trusty 913- the semi.

 The Sidekick is giving me two thumbs up for getting to help The Rancher in the semi

Random: I was thinking that Case should really pay me big bucks for all the advertising I do!

Loading the last bales

The loyal trio- The Sidekick, The Rancher's Dog, and The Rancher

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