Thursday, June 6, 2013

Twitterpated Part II: AI

Transitioning into part II requires a little work before the vet can AI.  If you recall that during Part I we put in the CIDR, which purpose was to release hormones as well as physically block any semen from entering the uterus.  Now that we are ready for them to be bred we need to pull out the CIDR.

Now we are ready to AI

Is a fairly simple process but it will be easier to explain with some pictures I think...

The semen is stored in individual straws that put in a tank that is filled with liquid nitrogen to keep it viable.

The vet will first put one arm into the cows rectum- this is so that he can feel the cervix and will serve as guide to place the semen  He then takes a straw (filled with semen) and puts it into an AI gun (the arrow is pointing to the gun) which is inserted into vulva.
He threads the rod of the AI gun through the cervix and into the uterus.  Once it is into the cervix he slowly pushes the plunger which injects the semen into the uterus and then removes the gun.
 And that's it!  The cow is bred and out she goes.  I said it is a simple process... simple if you are explaining.  The entire time the vet is doing this he can only go by feel and by his grasp of anatomy.  You should be impressed at these cowboys... I am!

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