Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twitterpated Part III: Turn out the Bulls

So we have talked about the major prep for AI and we have talked about the day we AI.  Shall we continue?

We have been focusing on the heifers mostly (because that's how our breeding season starts) but now we will focus on ALL the momma cows.

The last step is fairly simple- we turn out the bulls.  Load 'em up, haul 'em out, turn 'em loose...  but I guess there is a little more than that.

Before we can turn out the bulls they have to go through a series of inspections.  We want to know that their semen is good (I mean what is the point of a bull that shoots blanks, right?).  They also need to be trich (said like "trick"... its an abbreviation of some long bacteria name...) tested.  This is SUPER important because they can spread this to cows, who can in turn spread it to other bulls which equals BIG PROBLEMS.  So we test them...

The final inspection is done by the ranchers of the cattle association we run with.  Everyone must turn out bulls and every one's bulls need to meat the expectations of the other ranchers.  Its only fair, right?  If our bulls breed their cows it had better be with a bull they like.  And vice versa.

So when the bulls are all approved then it is time to load 'em up, haul 'em out, turn 'em loose!

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