Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When the Cowboys are Gone...

What would you guess would happen when all of the cowboys are gone?

Did you say the horses would get out?  And some bulls?  Oh you are so right!

The Rancher is busy hauling cows  (its one of the other things we do).  Rancher Sr. is out shuffling cows around the spring/summer pasture.  Of course he took along all other available help- The Ranch Boss (The Rancher's grandpa)  and Cowboy E (The Rancher's brother).  Cowboy Pete (the other brother that is still home) is at State Rodeo (sending positive mental thoughts right now) with his momma.

Its me. And my sleeping.  Oh wait, I did have The Rancher's dog...

But have no fear, the trusty-as-ever Rancher's Wife got them. Alone.

More Rancher-Wife-Stripes for me! 

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