Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Little Bit of Beauty

Its not very often that I brag up the beauty of this little valley, and maybe I should.  I don't really give it all of the credit that it deserves.

Yes we live in the desert- at least I would consider this desert.  It is SO dry, even on a good rain year.  If I had a penny for every sage brush I would be rich there are so many. 

And oh my goodness the dust.  I have a years supply of Q tips that The Rancher cleans out in about 3 months. 

There are no streams or rivers.  Ok, there is a streamlet (you know, a baby stream) that runs through the ranch, but that is really all of the fresh water around.

To find trees you have to go deep in the hills to find a few stands.  The Rancher considers the REALLY BIG sagebrush to be trees but I want one that you can climb, build a tree house and take a nap under.  Sadly, we don't have any.

Have I convinced you that this is a desert and that most of the things that makes a valley beautiful are lacking? 

But here and there I do find little bits of beauty, and I might appreciate them more because of the rugged surrounds it has.  The colors of the wild flowers seem so much more alive when they are cast against the monochromatic hills.  And the deep color of the sunsets takes your breath away.  The green of the meadows is so captivating that the distant hills seem to escape from view. 

Maybe beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and The Rancher's Wife is finally seeing a little more clearly.

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