Monday, July 22, 2013

Cowboys Pete and E

One fine day I found these cowboys down at the arena messing horsing around (ha ha ha! Ok, I know its not funny...).  They had loaded up the roping steers, put on the horn wraps, and rigged the shoot to open with some baling twine.  A few friends had come over so naturally the crew had made their way to the arena.

I was really supposed to something domestic like dusting, laundry, dinner...  But I didn't want to so I meandered down there to take some pictures.

Now remember that I am not a photographer so these aren't the best, but they do show what a fun time they had and what a good group of kids they are. 

PS- if anyone out knows how to take a STELLAR picture of cowboys roping I would love to learn.  They are just so fast that I can't keep them in focus...

 Cowboy E decided that these were more than just roping steers.  Oh no, they are more like multi-purpose steers and that maybe he should bulldog one of them.  Sadly we don't have a bull doggin' horse so instead of bailing off the horse he grabs a hold of the steer as it is coming out of the chute.  That starts him with a disadvantage, don't you think?  Regardless of who is winning he still looks like he is in control for this picture.  Do you think that he flipped the steer?  You will have to ask him!

 Cowboy Pete tried for the steer wrestling too.  His turn didn't end too swell...  But at least his faithful pup is there to console him.  (Just so you know, everything is OK- no serious injuries... we think)

The girls opted for using this multi-purpose steer for... I don't know.. a trick steer?  a bucking steer?  I'm not really sure, but at least they are cute doing it!


  1. Is that just because you were part of it? So which picture is your favorite? Should I put it in the fair?