Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gotta Hurry Home!

The association cowboys gathered up the forest cows to move to the next of their summer pasture early Saturday morning.  It was a beautiful morning for a ride.

A bike ride that is. 

I too headed out on the road, thinking that these cowboys were pushing the herd back across all of the fields instead of down the lovely paved highway that I had chosen to peddle my bike down. 

As I just about to turn around I got a call from The Rancher.  He casually asked what I was doing and where I was.  I responded that I riding my bike down the road.  Why?  Well, they were heading down the road with the cows, were almost to the house and if I didn't hurry I was going to get caught in the midst of them. 

I should get a medal for how fast I turned that bike around and peddled back to the house.  Just as rolled into my driveway the first of the cows came across.  Phew... I made it. 

And just in time for pictures too!

I quickly changed out of my stinky exercise clothes and into my stinky cowgirl clothes, loaded up The Rancher's Sidekick and The Ranch Princess to follow the cow trail.  Its kinda hard to miss... they leave digested bread crumbs along the way.  Another good reason to not be riding down the road with the cows.  

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