Thursday, July 25, 2013

Putting up the Grain

Remember this spring when I posted pictures of the newly sprouting grain?  Well it has sprouted, grown, been swathed, raked, and baled.  I was super lucky to get a few snaps before it all ended up in the stack yard. 

There is something about men that when you say, "Tell me when you are going to ____ (fill the blank with whatever) let me know so that I can take some pictures."  that it totally escapes them.  Cowboy Pete had just started swathing the last field when The Rancher called to say that if I wanted to get any picture it had to be NOW.  But I must admit, I am grateful that he called.  I really should give him a break because coming out to take pictures is a new thing this year.  And I know that when there is a job to get done the work must go on, even if the picture taker isn't ready.  

Sadly, I didn't get any of the baling... Yep we missed that...  You will have to look forward to it next year.
Here is the grain, just sprouting.
And here it is again as it is being cut down.

 This is a crazy photo but I was trying to show just how tall it had grown.  But several factors kept it from turning out how I would have liked.  And it was too tall to get all of it if I took the shot from the ground like a did for the springtime picture. 

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