Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So God Made a Farmer (or in this case a Rancher)

How many of you watched the Superbowl this year?  Now, did you skip the game for the commercials or skip the commercials for the game?

I do both.  But I'm not here to talk write about football.

What I have been thinking about it this cool commercial that Dodge put out.  Do you remember it?  It is a quote by Paul Harvey talking about that God created the Farmer on the eighth day, for so many reasons.  But all in all its about that God needed a man that was hard working, that would make sacrifices, and be dedicated to the end.  He wanted someone that was tough and could take anything yet still tender and understanding.  It would be a man that would stand up for right in whatever circles he was in and be a proactive member of his community.

In the commercial it always says farmer but I like to slide in rancher too (and not often do I think that rancher and farmer are the same but this time I think we can get away with it).  And they got it right on!  This is what type of people ranchers and farmers are.  And there aren't too many of the good men left.

I had to watch it again and after I did I thought you all should too.

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