Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Than a Milk Cow

We have two milk cows on the ranch. One dear old cow has been around for 10+ years.  She is called Jersey, even though she is actually like a Brown Swiss not a Jersey.  She is more of a pet than anything else.  Kids all over the valley know Jersey because she has gone to school where they have learned all about a dairy cow.  The Rancher's Sidekick always says that he will be the one to get her into the barn when milking time rolls around. 

We have had a few others but currently we have a Holstein that I like to call Millie.  You know, Millie the Milk Cow.  She is isn't so pet like but still a pretty chill cow.  But poor thing, she doesn't have a tail...

Jersey has mostly been used as a milk cow for the family but recently they have been used as nurse maids for the bum calves we get.  It is so much easier and cheaper to have a surrogate momma than to buy/mix/feed powdered milk.  It is amazing how many calves these cows milk for!  I actually feel bad for them a little.  Ow... Ya, that's all I have to say... Ow.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Good News

I am elated to say that I have terrific news... my camera is on its way home!  I have hated not having it around with me.  I guess I hadn't realized how much I have grown to LOVE taking pictures.  Now I am going to go on photo overload and take pictures of EVERYTHING!  Maybe the rest of my life can slow down so that I can make more time for you.  Lets hope it all falls together. : )

Friday, August 16, 2013

At the County Fair

Oh how we love fair week!  I thought I would drop a line to tell you I am still kicking, just busy playing at the fair.  I don't have any pictures for you today... Sorry about that... But soon, very soon!

In fact, I don't know if I have told you or not (I don't remember very well) but I am having camera problems.  One afternoon I picked it up to take some pictures and I noticed the sensor had gone haywire.  I took it in praying it was a simple fix.  Of course it ended up being bad enough we had to send back into Nikon.  That was two weeks ago... I checked in on it and they haven't even done the diagnosis yet.  I am beginning to feel IMPATIENT!!  Thankfully The Rancher's mom has the same camera and will loan it out to me when she's not using it.  But then I still need to grab pictures from her... I know, I am letting you down.

So lets talk about the fair instead, it is much happier to chat about.

Even though we don't have any kids old enough to be in the fair, we still have been averaging about one trip a day and which are usually followed by LATE nights.  Starting with Monday, the Team Penning and Branding that besides The Rancher roping we also provided the heifers.  This is such a fun one to go because so many of our friends and neighbors come out to it.

After sleeping in the following morning (I'm not going to admit how late we slept) we began the work of prepping to go over once again.  Besides gathering dinner, jammies, blankets, and tractors every cowboy and cowgirl needs, I had a little extra work of getting together my pictures to enter into the fair.  Don't worry, we made it amidst all of the craziness and all I forgot to do was my makeup, no biggie...  Besides entering my pictures the fair that night we took found a seat in stands for the free concert- Charley Jenkins!  He is an up and coming country singer from Utah.  His songs were so awesome- they were all about The Rancher, I swear!  

We weren't terribly interested in the sheep show so we chose to stay home Wednesday.  Oh how I loved it!  I even swept and mopped my floor!  Of course you would never guess it at this point.  Living with a little boy that plays in the dirt and a big boy that work (plays) in the dirt all day means that this house doesn't stay clean.

Thursday was our big day.  Cowboys Pete and E had their steer show- a must see!  And to know surprise they did a great job showing.  When the cattle are all done they do an open showmanship class that I borrowed Cowboy Pete's steer.  We totally took first place!  I'll have to see if anyone took a picture for proof.  The night ended with the Family Fun Rodeo.  This isn't a typical rodeo, in fact when The Rancher did his team roping he was minus a horse.  That is what we call the poor man roping.  I can guarantee that if they don't catch right out of the chute that they won't chase that calf down the arena.

Now I am sitting in sweats in my nicely air conditioned house, debating if it is nap time or lunch time.  I think that this day calls for relaxing because tomorrow is more craziness.  Oh how we love fair week!

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Cool Summer Night

We love the long summer evenings because there is just so much fun stuff to do around the ranch and around our little valley.  A favorite is always saddling up the horses and heading to the arena. 

One night The Rancher needed to practice roping with his partner for the upcoming rodeo (that has since come and gone... yep, I need to post them too... I know) so we made a family night of it.  With so many kids, horses, steers, and dogs, how could we NOT have a good time?! 

There are so many reasons I love being a rancher's wife and having so much to enjoy from our lifestyle.  You want to come visit now, don't you?  Well come on over!

At Jacobsen's Field

 These are more of the pictures from our trail down the road to Jacobsen's field.  The cowboys waited there for a bit doctor the calves.  They also try to keep the cows gathered up long enough for them to get paired together.  At least we hope they will...

Wanna Help Me?

Our county fair is coming to town next week and I thought it would be fun to put some pictures in.  Want to take a minute and comment with your favorite pictures?  Then I will find which category it will best fit into! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Did someone call for a Doctor?

Having the cows on the range for the summer does bring its challenges.  If ever the calves get sick they still need to be doctored, regardless of whether we have the luxury of the corrals or chute.  Most often they get taken their medicine when the cows get gathered to move to the next field.  There was a handful of calves to be done as we moved them to Jacobson's field.  Even though there are challenges, The Rancher doesn't really complain.  Any chance he has to rope a calf he will take, no matter the circumstances!