Sunday, September 29, 2013


I didn't realize until after I had already posted my last adventure but I have done 50 posts!  I have really been loving sharing the ranch with you.  I have such a passion for our lifestyle and I love the chance to give you little glimpses of it.  Our life here isn't perfect, and it isn't always picturesque (as I have shown) but there really is so much here for us. 

There really is so much to capture on the ranch.  And so many seasons.  So many surges and lulls.  You may not find it all too interesting, but it is all a part of my life as The Rancher's Wife.  I get to deal with the crazy schedule, dictated by cows, mother nature, and occaisionally the cowboys (oh, and we shouldn't forget the BLM or Forest gurus... we could never forget them!).  I try to fit in what can here and I hope you have enjoyed it thus far.

Is there anything more you want to see?  What part of the ranch do you want to learn more about?

I would LOVE to have your input fellas, because even though this is my blog, its about sharing the ranching life with you!

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