Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Preview

I have beans processing so I am having a late night blogging to you, dear friends.  The Rancher is keeping me company.  He is sleeping of course but can you blame him?  He has had some really LONG days the past couple of weeks.  We are heavy into weaning and everything that comes with it.  Not only that but the Rancher's Wife is also busy in the kitchen doing some canning.  All of the fun fall things seem to come together at once.  But we love it!  All of it!

I realized today that when The Rancher has big things happening that either he needs help (I'm sure he doesn't need me but I like to think that he does) or its worth taking pictures of.  That means I put off the house stuff like laundry (who need underwear, right?) or canning or... BLOGGING?!  Ya, I want to get out there to experience and capture the ranch, which means sometimes I neglect the sharing.

I guess that makes this a bit of a preview.  I have LOADS of pictures.  And stories.  And some interesting things you might enjoy learning.  Until then (hopefully that's just tomorrow), here a picture or two to hold you over.

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