Sunday, September 29, 2013

First of the Fall Pasture

This is the same bunch of cows that we preg checked and moved in my last few posts.  These lucky critters get to be in all of my photos because they are actually where I can take a shot or two. 

In fact I woke up bright and early to go out the with The Rancher and ride while Grandma watched the babies.  We trailed these cows along the highway for a while until we could get on the back roads.  It wasn't too long and we made it to the first of the fall pasture.  It was a nice move because there wasn't any babies to slow us down. These cows walked hard and fast!

 For a while The Rancher was up at the front to turn the cows so I got to be with some of the old cowboys.  I LOVED it!  These cowboys have such fun stories to tell.  They talk about the days when they were just starting and getting things figured out.  They have stories of one darn cow or another that had to be roped or that headed for home and had to be chased down.  Maybe someday we will have some exciting stories on here to tell.
Here is The Cow Puncher again.  A darn good cowboy, helping us out again.

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