Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just a Mile or So

It took a good part of the day to get all of the cows preg checked so when we were finished the cowboys took them down the road about a mile to a holding field until they were ready the next day.  I decided to tag along for a few pictures.  The Ranch Princess was having a nap which meant that I could go solo (because The Sidekick was loaded up with The Rancher).  I opted for my bike... my pedal bike.  I actually highly recommend it.  Its a very good way to get some exercise while you are working, without the noisy 4 wheeler!

 I finally have a picture or two of The Ranch Boss.  Apparently he has been camera shy because I don't have too many of him. 

I should introduce you to The Rancher's cousin.  He has been really helpful the last couple of weeks.  He has his own full time job but was still willing to come and help these cowboys get the work done.  What a good little cow puncher... Ya, meet The Cow Puncher!

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