Friday, September 13, 2013

The Cenex Man

We took a quick jaunt up to Montana to visit my folks before we all got too busy with the fall work.  It had been since Christmas that The Rancher was able to make it up there so thought it was time for a road trip.  We ended up going in the middle of the week, which doesn't leave a lot of playing time since my parents both work.  No matter, the Rancher's Wife is always up for a challenge! 

My dad works for CHS (Cenex Harvest States) delivering practically whatever his customers need.  He does any kind of feed, mineral, salt, gates, panels, fencing materials... whatever you need he can get (usually).  Currently The Cenex Man is working to get the materials for a group of ranches to build about 13 miles of fence through some of the most beautiful country.  On our way up to make the delivery I had to stop to take a few pictures because it was just beautiful.  These are my mountains and ranges.  Yes it is all covered with the same grass and sage brush but it has a special place in my heart.  Its home.

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