Friday, September 6, 2013

The Color Green

The Ranch Boss, The Rancher's grandpa, was looking over the hay fields and commented how he loved that color of green.  We looked out across with him at the new seeding that was just popping up through the dirt.  He turned to the other end of the field and commented with an air of satisfaction that the only color of green better is the rich color of the growing alfalfa hay.

He is right.  Nature's shades of green are so beautiful, but especially these shades.  This color of green is more than a hue.  It shows the hard work, diligence and commitment these men have had to grow their crops, especially in the midst of a drought.  The straight continuous lines of sprouting grain give hope of a new harvest.  I think mostly this kind of green means success and satisfaction.

I guess we like to GO GREEN after all, just not the green most think of.

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