Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Rancher's Assembly Line

We have our own type of assembly line on the ranch.  No it isn't putting headlights on the cows as they run past on a conveyer belt.  But each man has a job along the way.  There are the guys that keep the cows flowing.  Without them the rest would be pointless... without cows there is nothing to work on.  Once they get to the front we have the man running the headcatch.  While there the cow is poked and prodded in all sorts of ways.

Preg checking is an important time for us.  It when we learn how the next year will be.  We can see when we will calve, who is calving and who isn't.  We can cull out the cows we don't want or need to keep.  We do maintenance stuff like vaccinations and new tags.  This is the only time that we run the cows through and so it is important for us to run through them.  Ans so we set up our assembly line.

I only have a picture of Rancher Sr. preg checking but he and The Rancher swapped on and off whenever their arms get tired.  The Rancher's Sidekick found all sorts of things to do.  He pulled out the branding irons, syringes, and the pill pusher (that's what I call it... is there any other name you need?).  I was privileged to give shots.  Gotta love getting out to help The Rancher!

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