Friday, September 6, 2013

The Super Rancher

There is a lot that being a dad requires.  Probably more than what The Rancher ever thought he would have to do (you can imagine some of the icky things has been privileged to do).  But there are days the cool days when he is so much more than a dad.  Days when he gets to strap on his Super Hero cape and save the day!

Like Friday.  I opted to not do laundry and go on a rough romantic ride to help fix fence (read wrangle kids while The Rancher fixes fence).  This fence was by a water trough, that had a hole.  Which meant there was mud... everywhere.  That innate-boy-instinct to get in the mud got the best of The Rancher's Sidekick and before long he was in the mud UP TO HIS KNEES.  This momma was so thankful he was in shorts and water boots (minus socks).  Ya, we have learned over time...

But when you are up to your knees in mud you need a little help.  A Super Hero to save the day!  Like The Super Rancher!  What a dad!

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