Friday, September 20, 2013

Weaning- Mommas Out One Gate, Babies Out the Other

Last week started the fall craziness.  The Rancher has days packed of all sorts of cowboying.  We started off by sorting and weaning the Forest cattle.

Random side note- the Forest cattle NEVER are in the forest... There is no forest around here.  They are just called that because they are on Forest Service ground.  But isn't it kind of funny?  Forest cows and no forest?  Ok, sidenote over...

The best part about working these cows is that they were just down the road from us so we could zip down to hang out with our favorite cowboy.  For the most part weaning is straight forward- sort the mommas one way and the babies another.  It can turn into quite the party because these babies don't want to be separated from momma.  This means that these cowboys put on a good show as they cut and sort out the calves.

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