Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A New Pipeline

One fine morning The Ranch Boss found that we had a leak in one of the pipes that fed into a few water troughs.  The men got to digging, found the leak, and patched it up.  And guess what they found the next morning?  Yep, another leak...

Their patch job worked great but they discovered that this pipe was so old and so brittle that leaks just seemed to keep coming.  This actually started last year when they found a pipe broken that watered the first calf heifers pen.  They did have quite a time getting it taken care of because it ran under the main highway.  It was quite a project to get a new pipe through.

With these last few issues, they just decided to replace the whole thing rather than to continue to fix leaks as they come.  It took a few days to get everything dug, put out, and all hooked up.  That also meant a few hours of having the well turned off each day.  I swear that every time I went to do dishes they had just turned if off again.  Maybe next time we will be in better sync with each other.

I don't think The Rancher was ever bothered that he could spend a few days playing in the dirt.  And when they had finished The Rancher just replied that they shouldn't have to do that again in his lifetime.  That is what we call looking on the bright side.  He has to dig and replace 300 feet of pipe and he is so happy to do it.

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