Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Better Than a Roping Dummy

There are so many benefits to having a gentle old milk cow.  Of course we get the milk (by that I mean Rancher Sr., we don't milk her too often).  She also comes in handy when we have bum calves that need to still suck.  But a little less obvious is that she is a great roping buddy for a three year old boy.

On a morning walk The Rancher's Sidekick had the clever idea to rope Jersey.  And she, like a good friend, stands there while he torments her.  He grabbed her tail, pulled her ears, and poked her belly as he tried to put a rope anywhere he could manage.  Think of Nana from Peter Pan, but instead of a dog, we have a cow.  And with a cow like that, who needs a roping dummy?

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