Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cowboy Kings

Following The Rancher around has had some fun perks that I had never considered.  Probably the most rewarding one has been the opportunity to get to know some of these other cowboys.  The nature of the cowboy is to be hard working, rough and tough but looking at these men a little closer I have been able to see another side.

There is the tender side that I see- when they are helping a sick calf, a quick but gentle pat and word to their tired horses, and then when they take a minute to hug and talk to my babies.

These men are very humble, something I have learned with taking their pictures.  They always say things like, "I'll break your camera" or "Find someone better looking to take a picture of."  This is just one way they are humble. They aren't looking for any fame or glory when they do something, even if it is cool. They just ride because they love it. 

They also have a silly side, and not always alcohol induced. They will sing as they ride down the road. They tease back and forth constantly. One of my favorites is to hear their hilarious stories of days in the past.  

There is so much to these men, living and working out here in this rough country. These men rule this land like kings, The Cowboy Kings. Riding because it is their fortune, working because its their legacy, and loving it all because it is their destiny.



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