Friday, October 18, 2013

The Cenex Man's Fence

Oh, my dear friends, I have been slacking.  There are pictures that I haven't put up from some of my ranch adventures! 

But I will make it right and show you, don't worry...

So waaay back when we ventured up to Montana to visit my folks I posted about a trip that we took with my dad, The Cenex Man.  The truth is that I only told you part of the story and now I am here to give the rest.

For quite some time he had been working to deliver supplies to a fencing crew that was putting in miles and miles of fence.  He loved working with them and wanted The Rancher to have a chance to meet the guys and see their work.

 These men (well young men, really) were a very hard working, well experienced crew.  They were all from a Mennnite community from the Gold Creek area and had been working since they had finished school when they were fourteen.  I was impressed at how well done these boys did.  It was all done right and timely.  They didn't take time to mess around or waste time.  A lot of this good work was do to a good boss that set high expectations for them.

I love to see good, hard working men that choose to do it right.


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