Monday, November 4, 2013

Sorting Out the Opens

There are a lot of reasons that we preg check the cows... I think I have already told you that.   We want to know who is pregnant and who is not.  And how far along pregnant they are.  And if they are not pregnant we need to get rid of them.  We bring them home and then to the auction (or to anyone that wants them...).

This is when the fun starts.  Initially the opens are just lumped together so they sort them so each ranch can take them home after all checking is done.  These cows are tired of being in the corral and the last thing they want is to be worked more.  That means they put up a good fight that is fun to watch.  I have to admit that I my picture don't do justice for the awesome moments we had but I am going to blame that on the cowboys because there are only so many places I can be.  So I do what I can with what I got!

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