Monday, November 18, 2013

The Rancher, a DIY-er

I love DIY projects, LOVE them.  The Rancher does too, maybe not the ones I enlist him to do, but he des non the less.  He likes the manly ones that come with bigger or more dangerous tools.  I mean what is a welder if not a really hyped up glue gun, right? :)

But seriously, isn't that really a integral part of being a rancher.  These cowboy need to be able switch between whatever jobs the day calls for- truck driver, irrigator, welder, tractor operator, horse trainer, nurse maid... You get the idea, they gotta do it all.  They are DIY-ers. 

 This is the feed truck with arms to lift the bails.  Do you see how my creative husband has fanagled it to lift the troughs?  I find funny, but boy it is works darn good.


Here is real picture of The "DYI" Rancher.  Pretty cool.  Finding your own way to get the job done, or being a DIY-er, is part of being a rancher.

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