Monday, December 30, 2013

From the Feed Truck

I'd like to think I'm a tough girl.  I mean, I have had babies.  A mother by definition is tough, right? 

Maybe I should admit that I do have a damsel-in-distress side that does counter my tough-cowgirl side, but as tough as I am, its ok that on the cold morning cattle drive I was invited to stay in the warm feed truck.  We used the feed truck to lure the cows home.  And it worked.  It worked GREAT. 

It took only a matter of minutes for all of the cows to come running up the hill.  Every once in a while they did slow down.  But all The Rancher needed to do to get them moving again was to pretend to drop the hay.

I thought I would get a little creative and take some pictures of the cows in the rear view mirror.  Ya, that only works of the mirror is clean.  I guess that my picture is proof that we are in a REAL ranch truck.

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