Thursday, December 19, 2013

Helpers of all Sizes, Especially Little Helpers

Working on the ranch is a family affair.  Partly because we all love to be out there but also because we need all the man (and woman)-power we can get.  That usually means we get kid-power too because wherever I go, the kids go.  So when we vaccinated the calves, The Rancher's Sidekick came too. 

This little boy loves to be on the ranch and already can be a great helper.  He even has his own paddle to poke the calves through the chute.  And he can "hup" with the best of them.  His size is never a factor- he just finds a way to climb up or reach whatever he needs.

But sometime he needs a break.  So we pull out his tractors and cars and plays on his own ranch.  Life is never dull for a little boy living on a ranch...

... even though it can be very cold for little cowboys!

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