Friday, December 13, 2013

The Stream of Life

Holbrook is in the deseret... really.  Its dry and every time the wind blow our mountains and hills change.  It is so different from the river plain that I grew up in.  The ranch we had was crossed with little rivers and streams- some to play in and some to fish in and all to make it so beautiful.

There are a few little streams in our valley and they all are their own sort of beautiful.  When The Rancher was building his fence they were right by a little creek that feeds out of the reservoir.  They had to cross it twice so I don't think they were in a mood to admire it, but I sure was!  And now during the winter it really has its own kind of pretty with the dry cattails and crusted wheat, the bits of snow and ice, and the slow moving water.  It just nourishes my soul.

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