Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Cowboy Traffic Jam

A cowboy traffic jam is unavoidable when we move cows down the road.  And in some aspects I quite enjoy it because I like to see the different ways non-cattle folk respond.  I must admit that I do find it a little funny (sorry) but its simply because they aren't used to driving with cows.  I mean, cows are probably not a common issue for most peoples' commutes.

We usually try to wave them ahead, signaling to whoever is coming or going should just drive on through them.  Sometimes that works. 

But sometimes it doesn't.  When that doesn't we might have them follow and we sort of break a trail for them. 

But sometimes that doesn't work.  Most often people are afraid of hitting a cow, whether their concern is for their car or the cow, I don't know... but that hesitation keeps them from busting on through. 

What these fellows don't know is that a cow will just move out of the way and until they figure it out, they are stuck in a cowboy traffic jam.

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