Friday, January 31, 2014

A New Cow Dog... in the Making

We were heartbroken about losing our puppy,, Cash.  There were days that the first thing The Rancher's Sidekick would ask is when would we get  new puppy or tell me that he needed new puppy.  It was so hard to explain that just because we wanted him, it didn't mean it would happen.

One fine Wednesday, a small, furry puppy came running through my kitchen door and my kids started giggling and screeching!  The Rancher surprised us with a new puppy for Christmas and we have been loving every minute with him. 

The Ranch Princess especially loves this furball.  She loved playing with him in the mud room on the cold, cold nights (like below zero- anything above that is something ranch dogs have to get used to).  Now that he has to stay outside, she smashes her cute nose against the window to look for him.  Once spotted she pats her tummy, with zeal, as if she is telling him to come.

Lately the puppy is really starting to show interest in chasing cows.  Like today, when The Rancher was chasing a heifer in.  He was all over that chase, but unfortunately he headed her in the wrong direction.  So he's not there yet... there are still a lot lessons to be learned.  And I think the one on the top of the list is to LISTEN to the boss... hmm sounds like parenting.

We may have a long road ahead of us yet with him, but we are so stinking excited!

By the way, are there any guesses for this puppy's name?  Leave your guess in the comments and we'll see who comes up with it!

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