Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Once There Was a Snowman!

There is a song that The Rancher's Sidekick loves to sing about a snowman.  A tall, TALL, TALL snowman.  And then the sun came and it melted, SMALL, small, small... 

We built a snowman a few weeks ago- a SUPER TALL snowman.  Maybe it would have been better if we hadn't started at the back of the house... There was a lot of snow to get to the front where we wanted our snowman to be.  And maybe we would have rolled up less dog poop if we didn't cover so much ground...

After a few attempts we decided we needed to recruit a little help.  So we did what we do best and rounded up ourselves a couple of cowboys, The Buckaroo and Cowboy E, to come help us put the snowman together. 

Even with the help the snowball was too heavy to lift.  We needed a plan b... so The Rancher got thinking and found a board to roll the snowball up.  It took a bit of momentum to get it rolling and once they were moving they couldn't stop.  At about half way the board started to give way and the harder they pushed the crazier things went!  Pushing up was only half the battle... the other half was keeping it from rolling off the side.  And then the other half (um... three halves...) was managing to move around the board while pushing he ball and NOT tripping the brother to the side of you.

I tried to help them push, but there ended up not being room for me, which was fine because then I could laugh! Oh... and take pictures.

 I think that Cowboy E has the right approach- shove WHATEVER you can get your hands on, even if it is your brother.

Our snowman turned out awesome but even better we learned a few lessons from our adventure: don't roll snowballs bigger than what you can lift, avoid the dog poop, and sometimes the only thing you can do to help is push the other brother from behind!

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