Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Crew Part 2

(He, he... the title  rhymes!)

Do you want to know what was so cool about our family cattle drive last week?  Well, yes the winter temperatures did make it a "cool" outing.  What else made it especially cool was that we had all of The Rancher's brothers.

There are five- that's a lot of cowboys for one momma to handle.  Thankfully she is still alive and sane.

We are always privileged to work with Cowboy Pete and Cowboy E while they still live on the ranch, and once again they graced us with their cowboy presence.

With it being Christmas brother #2 and his sweet wife were around to move cows with us.  Wouldn't it be fun to call them Bonnie and Clyde?  Except that they are good kids so the name doesn't fit.  So instead lets call them The Cowpoke and The Montana Girl.  Right now they are absent Eliason cowboys because they are becoming educated cow-folk. 

And completing the cowboy brotherhood was brother #3.  Last week we welcomed home The Buckaroo from his church mission to Kansas.  In true cowboy fashion he was moving cows the day after he got home!

So already this is fun to move cows with all the brothers but something else cool was that there were four generations of cowboys out there from The Ranch Boss to The Rancher's Sidekick.  Its not too often that four generations get to work together!


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