Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Ranch-kid's Amusement Rides

I avoid taking our kids to the tractor stores.  I know that sounds harsh but I know that they will want to climb on EVERY tractor.  I'm terrified that some day we will be taking home a lawn mower because we broke it from The Rancher's Sidekick climbing all over it.

But there is a day that we wait for every January when there are tons of tractors that we can explore.  ISU in Pocatello hosts an Ag Expo where businesses bring their products for farmers and ranches to check out.  They also bring tractors, of all sizes.  I honestly wonder how they get some of those BIG combines in- I have yet to the a door that they can fit in!  This year The Rancher's Sidekick even found some his size that weren't lawn mowers!

Usually it is the same old stuff but its always worth going to see if they have anything new.  And of course we all want to sit in the new tractors!

 Even The Ranch Princess had to sit in the tractor.  Nothing will stop her from being with the boys!

 Ya, super big equipment...
I had to take this picture because we have pride in agriculture

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