Friday, February 14, 2014

Feeding Cows With The Rancher

I love going out to feed the cows.  Maybe that is because it gets me out of the house or it gives me a chance to play with my camera or maybe its just being back to my cowgirl element.  Whatever it is, I love to be out feeding cows.

The Rancher... ah... not so much.  He's not a fan of those things that he has to do over and over, repeating it everyday (read that in a bored, droning voice).  It always makes me laugh when he reminds me of how he doesn't like those jobs.  I am the queen of doing the same thing over and over- breakfast, dishes, lunch, dishes, snacks, dishes, dinner, dishes, clean, laundry... repeat.  Its a good thing that I'm the house wife and he, well... isn't.

But back to feeding cows, something The Rancher's does everyday- that's what we were talking about.  We have a pretty handy system- I cut the net wrap on the bale, he rolls it out to the cows.  Then repeat, about 8 times.  We have the big group of cows, the bulls and the first time heifers. 

I'll admit that The Rancher has some pretty awesome tractor skills.  He makes it look easy to pick up, drop, roll, nudge, or tip a bale.  But I know different.  I'm not completely inept with a tractor but I certainly couldn't do it with such finesse.

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