Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Calf of 2014

I have been asking and asking when we would finally have our first calf.  In fact, I've been asking for over a month and I swear that every time, The Rancher would answer that it would be in two weeks.  But he was saying that for the last month!

But the wait is over!  We have our first baby- a bull (that will soon be a steer).

After bundling my babies up, we braved the cold to find the new baby calf to take some photos of the little fella.  We found him nestled in the straw with momma close by.

With the first calf here the rest will follow soon.  Remember, in the spring when we AI-ed the heifers? One of the benefits and reasons that we do that is so that they are synchronized to all calve together.  Now that we have reached their due date we are going to be swarmed by babies!  Hooray!

And now that I'm getting this post out, I think its time to go check to see if there are any new babies before we turn in for the night.

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