Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Maternity Pen Prep- We're Ready For Babies

A little something you should know about The Rancher- if there is something that needs fixing he will do and when he does it, he fixes in a big way. 

With calving just around the corner The Rancher is finding and fixing everything that needs updated.  The major one has been the maternity pen.

Last year it was such a struggle to get the heifers in when you were alone, so that was high on the list to get fixed.  He spent a few days in the shop making a new gate to replace some old panels (that, of course, we were there to "help" put up).  They put in a few man-gates to make it easy to move from pen to pen.  The last day they replaced a handful of poles and added some tin for a windbreak.

It makes me feel better that these new mamas have their own maternity bay- all fixed up and ready to go.  Granted, we don't really want to use it because that means there are problems... but still its nice having it there! 

So lets have some babies!  (don't let The Rancher know I'm begging for the calves to start coming!)

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