Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Out to Feed

The cows are heading to Locomotive.  They are due to begin calving within a few weeks which means it is time to get them to the calving pasture.

Locomotive is such an ideal place for our cows.  We hardly get snow there (or at least enough to matter) so it makes for a dry, warm place for babies to be born.  NOT to mention that they are so spread out, that one momma doesn't take another baby by mistake.

Ya, we really like calving out in Locomotive.

And since the cows are leaving, the kids and I have been taking a few mornings to go out and feed with The Rancher before we missed our chance.  There were even a few days that he actually needed me to be the one to cut the net wrap! Oh, the things that make this rancher's wife happy...

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