Sunday, February 2, 2014

Praying for Moisture

Drought.  What a yucky word, right?  Images of the dust-bowl-days quickly come to mind when I hear that word.  Its dusty, dirty, and dry (any other D words to go with all of that?).  Maybe we should expect dryness when we live in the desert, but the lack of rain that we have had lately has just been mind blowing.

When we moved to the family ranch (nearly 2 years ago) we were coming from the Snake River valley which was lush and green.  We moved to a place so barren and dry that not even the wild flowers were growing... it didn't go over so well with this girl (thankfully I found some this last summer).  But more than missing the green and wild flowers, we struggled for the good feed for our cattle.

For nearly two years now we have earnestly been praying for the rain (or snow) and lately we haven't been alone in those prayers.  When I heard how nearly the entire west was praying for the drought to end I was surprised.  But then I heard that groups like Farm Bureau and BEEF Magazine were asking for prayers I was humbled.  Even the big guns are turning to the even bigger guns.

Its been a great experience to be a part of this HUGE ranching/farming community moving together to our knees so that we can have the means to continue to live this life we love.  Will you join with us?

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