Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spring in January

You must have been praying for some snow with us because the weatherman is calling for a sever winter storm with 12" of snow in the valleys and 2-3 feet in the mountains!  Yahoo!

Of course it is coming just as we are about to start calving... so I guess now we pray that the calves will keep warm.  Oh, the life of a rancher!

With all of the storms heading our way, its hard to believe that less than a month ago our lawns were bare.  Our Christmas snow had melted with a few of warm and sunny days.  It felt like spring!

The Rancher has really had some spring fever and has been sprucing up the ranch.  He has been doing some intense cleaning in the shop and sheds- he even found the back wall of one!  They have done some corral repairs and he has even trimmed up the trees.

I don't know how professional pruners take care of the trees, but I would feel safe guessing that they don't use a tractor and a chainsaw like these ranch boys!  But I guess when that's what life gives ya, you go with what you got!

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