Thursday, February 20, 2014

"They're Sheep... Not Cows!"

On our last outing to check water we came across some range neighbors.  As soon as The Rancher's Sidekick could pick out what they were he shouted, "They're sheep... not cows!"

Apparently we need to get out and see more critters than what we normally see on the ranch because our kids loved seeing those sheep!

There is a big sheep herd sharing the range with our cows in Locomotive.  They blend in with the country side really well and when you finally recognize that the sheep are there they just POP out at you.  Hundreds of sheep!  There is even a little sheep camp and their very own sheep cowboy, sheepboy, shepherd...

I think that they must have been surprised to see us because they just took off running.  Little fluffy sheep running all over.

 I had to do a double take when I saw a black sheep in the midst of the other white sheep.  I had to ask what it was... I assumed it was a herd dog!  I think that I had better stick with what I know best-cows!

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