Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Little Fun WIth Some Fuzzy Chicks

Oh what a terrific few days we have had here!  The sun is shining like it belongs!  No cloudiness, no showers, yes wind... but we can put up with it.  I have been out getting my little vegetable patch all ready to plant (a second little garden plot... because one garden is never enough!).  Yes, I don't plan to plant for a while, but I will be ready when its time!

Sunshine, gardening- this can only mean one thing... SPRING IS HERE!  I am acutally having mixed feelings about spring.  Don't get me wrong, I love spring.  Love it!  I have been cooped up with my kids in this house for far too long.  But there is so much work to still get done in the house (I can never keep up with these mess makers!) and all I want to do is go outside.  I'm in a dilemma- either I feel guilty when I am outside because there is housework to be done, or I am sad because I am inside NOT enjoying the sun. 

I just go outside anyways!

Spending time on the ranch is precious and we never get tired of it.  We hang out with The Rancher, we visit the horses and the milk cow.  The Rancher's Sidekick and I practice our roping on the grouchy, white dog (I'm the mom that roped the dog first... I probably shouldn't be setting such a terrible example).  And now we have a few extras friends to visit...

The fuzzy chicks!

Definitely another sign that spring is here!  We have had these fellas for a while, but I have just neglected to share them with you.  My bad!

On one of my grocery runs I convinced The Rancher to come along and that instantly turned my grocery trip into a ranch trip (no complaints here, though!).  At the top of his list was picking up the new chicks at Ward Feed, our local feed store.  We got there to find 20 little yellow, fuzzy chicks waiting for us!

The Rancher's Sidekick was so excited for the little buggers!  He insisted on carrying them, but I didn't think his somewhat careless stroll to the truck would be a very good way to start his relationship with them.  We comprimised by mom carrying the chicks and letting them sit by him.

All the way home we had a whole string of lovely "cheeps" from the backseat.  The chicks peeped a little too...

Once we got home, the kids couldn't wait to get the chicks out and play!  I'll admit, I'm not so brave with chickens (oh, ya... you know that already!) and so I only admired, not touched.  But my kids were all over it.  Maybe it was a little too much loving, but still loving indeed!

Happy spring from a few ranchers that like to pick up chicks!

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  1. How adorable! (The baby chicks are cute too!) :)