Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy 1 Month Birthday, 7!

Babies grow so fast!  Its amazing the changes that can happen in only one month!  A baby calf is born and can hardly stand and then just a few weeks later you see them racing around the field.  I'm glad that my babies don't grow up so fast!

I had to find #7 and wish him a happy 1 month birthday.  He was the the first baby  born on the ranch this year.  Because he was the first, he has a special place in our hearts.  We couldn't let his birthday pass by with out a shout out!

And we wanted to show you just how much he has changed.  Ok, I know, these aren't great pictures to see the changes but he really has grown a LOT!  I think he didn't want to listen when I told him to say cheese.  I'm just happy that we have a picture of his face. I guess he's like kids- too grown up and embarrassed for momma to have a picture to document the day. Or not willing (able?) to hold still long enough to get a good one!

And I won't have many opportunities for pictures because we have taken him and his momma out to the range in Locomotive.  He's all grown up and off to new adventures!  Maybe at branding time I will have a chance to give him a little pat...

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